Cookie Policy

This Hylyght cookie policy applies to the following websites:,,, and any other websites owned by Hylyght bv.

Hereunder, we explain our cookie policy in the most clear manner possible. If anything is unclear, feel free to reach out to us via the “Get in touch” form, to be found at the top of our website.

By using cookies, we ensure an optimal user experience. These cookies are never used to track your behaviour on other websites. Your data is collected anonymously and also processed anonymously. You can completely prevent cookies, receive a warning when a cookie is installed or automatically delete the cookies after visiting the site. Consult the help function of your internet browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are installed on your computer or mobile device when you use a website or mobile application. Cookie files contain unique codes that allow the browser to recognize you when you visit a website.

Types of cookies.

Necessary/functional cookies.

Functional or technical cookies are necessary for the website to function. No permission is required for these cookies.

Statistical cookies.

We use Matomo to collect information about how our website is used. Data is collected in an anonymized (!) manner so that we can improve our website based on user interaction. You can find more about these cookies here. We only use cookies starting with “_pk_id” and “_pk_ses” to keep the tracking to an absolute minimum.

Advertising Cookies.

We do not use any advertising cookies either.

Social media cookies.

Our websites may contain embedded elements of other sites, like social networking sites. This is about content that we have stored with another party or about buttons that allow content to be shared on social networking sites. Examples are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo. These sites may place cookies to collect data. For more information about these cookies, we refer to the statements made by these third parties on their own websites.

Third-party cookies.

We make use of Intercom to provide you with a chat function so you can ask us questions directly. This is through the use of Intercom Messenger Cookies, which creates an anonymous identifier cookie and keeps track of your sessions so that you can still have access to the same chat 1 week after asking your question.

Name Domain Expiration Description
intercom-id-mr9331wu 9 month Unique anonymous identifier: Anonymous visitor identifier cookie. As people visit your site they get this cookie.
intercom-session-mr9331wu 1 week Keep track of sessions: Identifier for each unique browser session. The user can access their conversations and have data communicated on logged out pages for 1 week, as long as the session isn't intentionally terminated with Intercom('shutdown');, which usually happens on logout.